Sunday, January 11, 2015

a new start

Posted by Jordyn Williams at 4:17 PM
i have decided to begin a self-portrait challenge for myself. it scares me more to post this on the internet than it does to actually do it because now there are those of you who expect me to take a self-portrait every day. great! in all honesty, i want to do this challenge to better myself with my new camera and also work on loving myself more.

unfortunately society has taken this whole "selfies" thing to an extreme and now it's all duck faces and peace signs. i remember time before this fad and it was beautiful. gorgeous self-portraits from beautiful people. now, i'm not saying selfies are bad! i still take a selfie every now and then, but on the photography point-of-view, i miss the deep emotions and stories that come from self-portraits. while i admit that some of my self-portraits won't portray deep emotions, i do hope to share something of myself with the world. i want to learn new things about myself, too. this will definitely be a challenge, but i'm very excited to jump in! i haven't given myself a deadline...instead i'm going to push myself and see where i end up.

here are a few self-portraits that have inspired me. some are old and some are new, but i love each the same for different reasons.



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