Sunday, January 11, 2015


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i may not post every photo on here, but i should at least give you the first one. i might start a separate page/blog specifically for this project. i haven't decided yet and when i do, i'll let you know.

so this is my new start.


a new start

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i have decided to begin a self-portrait challenge for myself. it scares me more to post this on the internet than it does to actually do it because now there are those of you who expect me to take a self-portrait every day. great! in all honesty, i want to do this challenge to better myself with my new camera and also work on loving myself more.

unfortunately society has taken this whole "selfies" thing to an extreme and now it's all duck faces and peace signs. i remember time before this fad and it was beautiful. gorgeous self-portraits from beautiful people. now, i'm not saying selfies are bad! i still take a selfie every now and then, but on the photography point-of-view, i miss the deep emotions and stories that come from self-portraits. while i admit that some of my self-portraits won't portray deep emotions, i do hope to share something of myself with the world. i want to learn new things about myself, too. this will definitely be a challenge, but i'm very excited to jump in! i haven't given myself a deadline...instead i'm going to push myself and see where i end up.

here are a few self-portraits that have inspired me. some are old and some are new, but i love each the same for different reasons.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

new year, new hopes

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my Christmas break was very successful! i got to spend time with my crazy family, which was much needed. it was hard to leave today. i was happy to go through all of our Christmas traditions with everyone at home together. the main (and newest) tradition is that of watching a movie called The Christmas Card. don't take this Hallmark move for is the BEST and although it's corny at times, it made me bawl at the end for the first time this Christmas. mainly because i was already emotional, but it is just so sweet! anyway, along with my family's traditions, i got to spend Christmas with Levi's family and was introduced to a few of their traditions. i think we made one up this year, which is playing spoons. Levi's family now knows of my extremely competitive side seeing as how I flung myself across the coffee table to wrestle for a spoon. oops. :)

the break was filled with all sorts of emotions and whatnot. i even got attacked by a 24 hour stomach bug that had me emptying my insides for a good 5 hours. but, other than that, it was a break that i definitely needed. i wish it wasn't over.

on the bright side, i start a new journey tomorrow that i'm pretty excited about. i start work as a gymnastics instructor at Metro Gymnastics. i'll be teaching preschoolers. i was a gymnast for about 7 years (off and on after that, too) and then taught preschoolers-high schoolers for about 5 years until my family moved to Cookson. i loved it then and i know i will love it now. i had been out of work for too long and that really stressed me out. i ran out of money multiple times and i hate nothing more than the loss of control of my bank account. then out of the blue, i found a job listing for Metro and sent in an application right away. i heard back from them the day after and they were so thrilled to interview me. everyone was very welcoming and excited that i was joining the team. their main philosophy is that no matter what, they want the kids to have FUN and also teach them practical life skills. i think it will be a nurturing place for me to work. the pay is very nice, too. yay for gas and mac and cheese!

along with all of that, i start my fourth year of college on the 12th. not looking too forward to that, but at least i am NOT taking 22 hours this time! (somehow managed to get all A's and B's with 22 hours...) i will be taking 16 hours instead. i'll be working at Metro monday-friday. mornings will be spent there, the afternoons spent in class, and then the evenings back at Metro. i'll still be pretty busy, but at least i shouldn't have a huge homework load and won't have SIX finals to go crazy over. i'm taking creative writing, psychology of grief, biology, darkroom photography, and digital photography. seems decent enough. i say that now, but we'll see! i'm at least excited about all except biology. i will have two semesters left after this one. so close....

well, i figured i would give those of you who read my blog a little update. this new year seems to be starting out really great and i've been very blessed by God with absolutely everything.


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