Thursday, July 10, 2014

much needed

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i've been gone for a long while. the end of the school semester was just about as intense as anything, but i made it through just fine. i've also made a move to a new house and that was a journey all in itself! still working on unpacking and getting my room just the way i like it.

there are quite a few things going on in my life right now.

i turned 21 at the end of june and even before that i was putting my life into perspective, as i always do. but this time i made a definite choice. a choice i've been needing to make for a while. i'm stepping away from music theatre. this scares me so much, but i'm also thrilled about what's to come. in my life, music theatre has been the huge focus and goal for me. i stepped away once to try and sort my personal life out, but then i found myself as the lead in Singin' in the Rain! my heart is so drawn to this art and i will always cherish and adore it. but i'm growing up and my priorities are changing quite a bit. i'm realizing that, for me, music theatre is not practical for my future. i won't give it up completely. i'd love to involve myself in community theatres. i just know that in the end, all i want to be is a wife and a stay at home mom. that may sound cheesy, but i adore it. i want to be a good wife and loving mother. i realized that i don't need a degree in musical theatre to achieve that. what i do need is time. music theatre doesn't offer that up too often. i need time to work so that i can save up for my beautiful future. i will say that i am going to continue voice lessons with my wonderful voice teacher, Dr. Streets. my voice is very important to me and i know i have so much more to learn and grow.

i'll be getting my general studies degree, which also involves getting 36 hours in other academic areas. as i've gotten half of those hours out of the way with music, i will focus on taking business classes for future photography needs. i do plan on continuing my photography. i believe i can really make something of myself with the art. i want to turn into more than simply a hobby. so that's where the business classes will come in, and yes, i hope to take a few photography classes along with that. i will begin saving up for a new camera, because the one i currently own doesn't quite fit my needs anymore.

prayers are appreciated as i take on this new chapter of my life. i feel at peace with my decision and i'm definitely happy with the thought of a near-future graduation instead of not knowing when i'd be done. everything is with God and i truly feel that He is holding my hand through all of this.


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