Tuesday, November 4, 2014

my blessing

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we take a lot of things for granted. especially people. i'm going to get slightly mushy in this post so stop reading if you're normally like me and can't handle people talking about their significant other. i'm normally like that. it's annoying and a few take it way too far. no, i really would rather not see you eat each other's faces on social media.

however, something has recently happened that opened my eyes to how truly blessed i am with my boyfriend. (do not ever tell him i wrote this. he'd kill me. in a nice way, of course.)

throughout our relationship, i began to take things for granted. i didn't truly realize this until a few weeks ago when i was told of how a boyfriend treats his girlfriend. it's not anything how i would describe love and they aren't together anymore, but for a while the girlfriend took all the crap and called it love. there was no physical abuse and there was a connection between the two, but it was more of the fact that there was a lack of a lot of other things. important things. such as an, "i love you" every day.

hearing about all of this, i couldn't help but let my heart smile because God has placed an amazing man in my life. a man who understands my needs better than i do and delivers. there are things i need that my boyfriend has provided me that i didn't even think i needed!

i receive an "i love you" every day. multiple times a day.
i get good morning and goodnight texts.
i am bought dinner even when there isn't any money to spare.
i am encouraged daily that i'm beautiful, strong, and worth it.
i am encouraged to continue my bible reading/bible journaling.
i get texts 24/7 from my best friend even though he would be okay with a few, but he knows that i need them.
i am always supported with my future and anything else i want to do.
i am praised when i get a good grade and even when i get a bad one because i did the best that i could.
i get virtual kisses over facetime even though we both look absolutely ridiculous pursing our lips to a phone. (seriously, don't tell him about this blog post.)
i am told that i'm missed.
i am told that i am a wonderful and talented woman.
i am told that if i want something done, i need to get off my butt and do it myself.
i am told that i am a blessing and that the wait is always so long for the Lord to put me back in his arms again.
i am told that i am not a princess... i am a queen.

the list could go on and on. i could talk for days. this is my boyfriend. i cannot believe how lucky i am. this is amazing to me. i do take him for granted at times and i know i'm not the only one in the world that struggles with that. we have so many people in our lives that are truly amazing human beings and we are blinded by that. for me i was blinded by normality. i believed all of those things on my list were normal. every guy acts that way for his girl. no. that is such a false statement and i see it every day now. yes, all women should be treated this way, but not all are so lucky. there are great guys out there who don't do everything on my list and that doesn't make them horrible boyfriends. i'm simply saying that i am so, so blessed by having my boyfriend and that he knows, understands, and acknowledges my needs and fulfills them even when sometimes it's impossible.


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